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Zone systems are an energy-efficient way to control the temperature in each room in your house separately. With a zoned system, your heating and cooling usage is area-specific. This is more energy-efficient than cooling the entire house.


Save money and frustration with a zoned system. Now, you can control how much energy your home or business will use to heat and cool.

Experience the ultimate in climate control

How a zoned system will benefit you:

•  Enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment

•  Have the power to control which rooms have what kind of temperature.

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Control the temperature in each room with a zoned system

Phone Vent zoned system

Behm Heating is now an installer of Nest Pro, the latest in home technology. By hiring us, your Nest Pro warranty will increase by 3 years. That’s just another advantage of working with Behm Heating.


The Nest technology allows you to control the temperature of your home from the convenience of your smartphone-anytime, anywhere. In fact, over time, the technology will learn your patterns and preferences, adapting to you and making your life better. Prefer to fall asleep at one temperature but wake up to another? Not a problem at all and simply one of the many benefits of this 21st century technology. Adjusts to you-knows your schedule-saves you money!


Give us a call today for any questions and learn about how we can install this sytem for you!

Nest Pro